Eurocom is a French-Swedish project (2015-2018) funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR). It is co-lead by the University of Lund (ULUND) and the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE).

Eurocom aims at quantifying CO2 ecosystem fluxes in Europe with their space and time variations over the last decades, and at quantifying the contribution of the different drivers (climate, management) and processes (biophysical and biogeochemical).

Eurocom will achieve this through initiating a regional-scale inverse modelling intercomparison project. One of the project's activities is to harmonize regional CO2 inversions over Europe with respect to time periods or general set-up components (e.g. use of ICOS data). This allows a direct comparison and synthesis of the estimated fluxes together with an estimate of associated uncertainties.


  • ULUND: Marko Scholze (co-lead), Guillaume Monteil and Andrew McRobert
  • LSCE: Grégoire Broquet (co-lead), Matthew Lang and Philippe Peylin
  • ICOS-CP: Ute Karstens and Alex Vermeulen

Contributing Systems:

Data (password-protected):

Description Filename
Pre-ICOS data in ObsPack format (incl. aircraft profiles for evaluation) obspack_co2_393_preICOS_v0.1_2018-04-12.tar.gz
Additional data from WDCGG in ObsPack format obspack_co2_393_wdcgg_eu_v0.0_2017-10-25.tar.gz
Hourly fossil fuel CO2 emission data (download script)
LPJ-GUESS CO2 Flux: 3-hourly NEE in gC/m2/3h lpj_<YEAR><MONTH>.nc4
ORCHIDEE CO2 Flux: 3-hourly NEE in gC/m2/3h ORCHIDEE_TRENDY2017-S3_3hr_NBP_<YEAR>.nc
VPRM CO2 Flux: hourly NEE in micromoles/m2/s VPRM_ECMWF_NEE_<YEAR>
SiBCASA CO2 Flux: 3-hourly NEP in "mol/m2/s biofireparams_sibcasa_ei_EUROCOM_0.5x0.5_<YEAR><MONTH>.nc

Preview of the anthropogenic emission data set is available at ICOS CP data portal

External data sets Version Link
Observation Package GLOBALVIEWplus obspack_co2_1_GLOBALVIEWplus_v3.0_2017-08-11 obspack_co2_1_GLOBALVIEWplus
Jena CarboScope Ocean-Atmosphere CO2 Exchange oc_v1.4 CarboScope
Global Fire Emissions Database GFED4.1 GFED